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Cooking Class: No 008/117 , U Kin Maung house , Thonezepay village , Madaya Township , Mandalay , Myanmar

Office address is No Dha 5/41 , 66th street between 41 st and 42nd road , Mahamyine township, Mandalay , Myanmar. 100103



+959 770 393510


Intention and Social Activities of Our Company

Thonesepay is situated by the Irrawaddy river, it gets flood every monsoon July to September. Therefore, transportation to Mandalay is very limited, it is available path ways to villages around and Mandalay in open season but boats could be only used in monsoon because the village gets flooded. After flooded time, foot paths are only possible way to go cause of mud. Therefore the village has no purified drinking water and the people have to go and fetch the water from the river or get it from the tube well.So the villagers need to know about concept of health the whole year. Recently our company has run to get under ground water. By doing cooking class in this village the villagers can get job opportunity and can get high income. Those ways we will prohibit the problem of post migrate to the city.

The village has no electricity because it is far from Mandalay so they normally have to use battery light, candle light and very limited solar power at night.Our company donated solar lamp posts along the village road for filling the light requirement.

The local fishermen’s fishing method is amazing and it is a Myanmar ordinary method. Thelocal fishermen and the dolphins cooperate to catch fish. Recently the fishing method of electric shock has threatened all living things in the river. Therefore at present, we are cooperating with NGOs to not allow electric fishing in the Irrawaddy River where Dolphins- that almost extinction- are living.

Our company does not primarily focus on the profits, as we try to help local people with offering job opportunities. Our income is shared with local peoples for Hygiene Training, First Aid Training, Bio Diversity and Conversational Training, Electricity, Solar Energy System and donation for orphanages. The buying of cooking class is not frustration.